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Guy Negre, PDG, founder of MDI Group and the creator of the MiniCAT, CityCAT and OneCAT's compressed air technology engine, is not a newcomer inside the world of mechanical engineering.

During the 1980s he worked in aeronautics and then moved onto Formula 1 racing cars. He developed a revolutionary 12 cylinder W (yes, a double V) with a revolving valve system which was premiered at the FPI (French Petroleum Institute). Despite the success of his inventions, sufficient investment capital was not forthcoming.

Guy Negre re-appeared on the scene with a dual-energy engine which ran on petrol and compressed air technology. The aim was to reduce petrol consumption. This time, the investors began knocking at the door and the result was the formation of MDI in 1991 in Luxembourg.

The investment capital was raised by some 160 associates. The department of Research and Development into cars with compressed air engines was transferred to CQFD, a society founded especially for this purpose. Guy Negre is currently working with some 30 engineers and his son Cyril Negre, director of the Research and Development department, recently returned from a season at the Bugatti camp in Italy.

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